How to save money on your wedding

25 Jan, 2020

Saving money on your wedding venue

Everyone wants to get married on a Saturday because of tradition however if you are not worried about traditions then ask your favourite wedding venue if you could get married during the week to which you could save up to 60% on the venue cost. Just remember to bear in mind you will have to give your guest's plenty of notice as they will possibly need to book the wedding day off from work.

Put Your Guests to Work

Why not put your guest's to work on your wedding day. If you purchase disposable cameras and then place them around your reception/ on the reception tables, you won't have to hire the photographer for the full-day event which could possibly cut wedding costs down even more. Having the disposable cameras around your reception will show what your wedding day was like from your guests point of view. The one thing you will need to consider if you go ahead with the disposable cameras is to make sure you put some of your wedding budget into the development of the photos.

Share Your Experience

Some companies will give the bride and groom a discount if you agree to the leave them an honest review on their website about the product they supplied on your wedding day. So it is worth asking even if you save 5%, every % you save across your wedding will be a big difference in the total amount you spend on your special wedding day.

Save on Favours

Wedding favours can become very expensive if you have a large attendance(60+ people) on your wedding day, so why not give wedding favours that can be shared on per couple basis.

Saving on the flowers

Flowers can be rather expensive especially out of season flowers. So stick to the flowers that are in season at the time of your wedding day, as it can keep costs down. Another way to save on your wedding budget is to purchase fake flowers which aren't as expensive as real ones and you also get to keep them after your wedding day has passed. If you do decide to go with real flowers then you could re-purpose them between your venue and your wedding reception venue and no one will know any different, this could save you a large chunk of your wedding budget.