A few things to consider when searching for a venue

31 Jan, 2020

The Locations

If you decide to pick a local venue make sure that it is accessible for all your guest and that there is a local hotel close to the venue so if anyone has to travel to be at your wedding they can book a room before your big day.

If you decide to pick a venue in your favourite part of the UK, you have to take considerations the travel time for your guest, make sure there is a local hotel nearby and there is plenty of parking at the venue.



You need to make sure there is parking at the venue for your guest, and if there is enough parking for all your guest, the last thing you need to worried about on your wedding day is where your guest is going to park. if there isn't any parking at the venue, you may need to arrange taxi/minicabs for your guest, if you call the local minicab company they may give you an event discount.


The Capacity

You need to know if you have enough room for your guest when your sit down come around the last thing that you need on your wedding day is that most of your guest are squshed, ask the venue if they have a table plan you can take away and check if can fit all your guest in.


Services And Amenities

You will need to know if the venue has an option to provide catering for your wedding and also if you can book your own catering for the specific venue, you will need to know if you are allowed to bring your own wine as most venues charge a corkage fee. if you are looking to have a photo booth, love letter and a dance floor and so forth, you need to know if the venue accepts that.
Does the wedding venue supple table and chairs and cover in the total price of the venue as it can be an optional extra.
you need to ask if your venue has there own music system you can use, or would you have to hire a DJ.